Who | What | Where | When | Why

       The five W's answer the majority of questions in life

|Who| A chef and more. I asked clients and friends to describe "who" I am

creative. innovative. bad ass. fearless. non traditional. full utilization. 

passionate. concise. a great teacher. thorough. skilled. genuine. gifted.

takes the ordinary to extraordinary. innovative. imaginative, resourceful. 

ornate. layered. memorable. diverse. modern. clean. neat. well plated. 

authentic. seasoned. versatile. adaptive. dedicated. self maintained. 

enthusiastic. experienced. daring. chic. delectable. detailed. historical.

disruptive. fresh. rich. vibrant. honest. umami.

|What| What I'm about. 

growing. farming. fishing. foraging. sustainability. nutrition. support. 

education. community. reduce. recycle. reuse. elemental. cooking. 

culinary. curing. preservation. process.

|Where| Anywhere and Everywhere

As 2020 has taught us the technological possibilities are endless. We've 

created a space where anything is possible. You'll be able to learn quick 

tips & tricks in the kitchen on your own time. Sign up for a series of skills lessons,

virtual cook-along and classes.


I'll also be taking you on various culinary adventures via my YouTube channel

 "Chef Cibelli: Cooking in Ripped Jeans" Tune in for weekly culinary adventures. 

|When| At Any Moment 

There will be scheduled classes, open to the public, schedule a private class or


We'll be releasing travel and culinary videos on YouTube channel "Cooking in Ripped Jeans"

You'll see me step out of my tried & true comfort zone to eat and do some crazy shit. 

We'll experience all kinds of food together and get into some good trouble. 

|Why| Why Not 

In the words of Jasmine and Aladdin, It's a whole new world. So lets adapt to it 

and fine new and exciting ways to experience the world and connect.

Feel free to reach out to me at chefcibelli@gmail.com 

Instagram @ChefCibelli Check out more of my dishes!

Eat Me | Drink Me

Fresh Pasta Dough
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Roasted Acorn Squash with Pomegranate Reduction
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Peach Blackberry Crostata
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"Fricken" Samich (Fried Chicken Sandwich)
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Duck Breast with Prosecco Butter Sauce
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Long Island Oysters
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Charuterie Platter
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Adult S'more Hot Chocolate with Handmade Marshmallows
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Crispy Chicken Thighs, Roasted Broccoli , Charred Tomato with Shallot Prosecco Sauce
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